Mermaid Mahjong

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5 Star Rating

The colors you have chosen are beautiful. It makes me happy
to play. Thanks so much!!


5 Star Rating

Love the mermaid mahjong, I think it is my favourite so far. Well
done for providing such great entertainment. Lovely way to spend
a couple of hours.


5 Star Rating

i enjoy playing this version. the pictures are refreshing change


5 Star Rating

fast ,relaxing,fun,enjoyable

cnis hubbard

5 Star Rating

The rating was there. I believe because I finished the game. I
could not move forward because there weren't any more blocks
to match up. It was an enjoyable game.

I'm sure you have more difficult games programed. That
would be my only suggestion. Every thing else was fine.


5 Star Rating

I love playing Mahjong. I am 75 and love this layout. It is so much



5 Star Rating

The game was really good and kept my mind active.
That's what I look for in a game. I think you can change
the page behind the game. To be able to view something
different every time you win the game

Great job!!!!.


5 Star Rating

I really enjoyed this. I have looked and looked for this kind of site
and I really appreciate it. I would love it if you could put water
sounds after matches cause I am going to recommend this to my
granddaughter and her friends who love mermaids. Thanks for
innovative tiles. I love Mahjong and this is the one I am going to stick
with after many many years of playing. THANKS

  • Florence Cornett - 2014-08-06 00:20:42

    Have a replay feature

  • Hal Knudsen - 2014-02-15 21:28:16

    Its a fun break from other tile characters.

  • Sharon Snodgrass - 2014-02-14 16:19:08

    For several weeks now I have not been able to get ANY games at all on my brand new Chrome Acer 7 notebook. Every time I go to any game at all, I get the message: Can`t load this plug-in. Can you help me?? I love playing Mahjong and would love to have access again.

    Reply from Rick: Have you tried installing the latest Flash Plugin? Try googling "Flash Plugin Download" and grab the version for your computer.

    Hope that helps,

  • sunnydays9999 - 2013-06-21 07:31:10

    I love your mahjong game and have tried several of your modifications (great tile icons you use, by the way!). Have tried your Fruit version several times, and for most (but not all) of the singles (cherry, blueberry, etc) - I'm unable to select them. If I use hint and it chooses the pair, then I can select, but otherwise not. Please fix this! Many thanks, mvc

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